Kymberly's Story

At 9 years old, an older girl threatened me until I submitted to a sexually humiliating act. At 14, a friend’s mom filled my weekends with porn, dirty magazines, and sordid conversations.  At 16, I was violently attacked, several times, by an ex-boyfriend. A kick to the head, a gun in my face, I fought naked against rape.

There’s more that I won’t mention, various distressing moments. As a teen, I attempted to cope by guzzling alcohol and ingesting drugs.  I engaged in dismal sexual encounters.  I clung to uninterested boyfriends; I was desperate for approval.  I swallowed a bottle of pills to end my life.  I constantly made poor choices.

I didn’t tell my parents all I’d been through.  My frustrating behavior brought them to their wit’s end.  Due to my continual defiance, they asked me to leave home. At 17, I walked the town, applying for jobs.  Men pulled their cars alongside, hoping for a prostitute.  I was taken aback and turned them away, but the idea took seed. On a handful of occasions, I deemed it a viable option. I discovered that my sexuality was an instant and very lucrative resource.

At 18, I began to work as an exotic dancer.  At first, it was exhilarating. I quickly became dependent on the money and adoration.   Over time, however, the excitement wore off.  I despised the customer’s lewd comments, gestures, and pawing hands. Yet, if they rejected me, I felt ugly. 

Over the years, I had made many significant efforts towards a different career.   I earned a 4-year degree, acquired various job training, and bought a business.  Still, I continually failed to move on and stayed in the strip club for 18 years total.

One night, I cried to God for help.  Several months later, as I drove to the club, He answered. I was listening to a sermon on CD.  Through it, I felt God asking me to quit dancing, immediately.  Hands trembling, I turned the car around.  I had no idea how He planned to help me.

God led me in each step: housing, income, church, and supportive friends.  Even so, in the hard times, I fought an overwhelming temptation to return.  Christ helped me through. He is the reason I never went back again.